Monday, October 29, 2018

#NCHalloween Challenge


(1) Dress as your favorite NC character for Halloween

(2) Post a picture of your costume with the hashtag: #NCHalloween

(3) If someone asks about your costume: tell them how they're still rebuilding after the storm, tell them donations are still needed through #capefearlesschallenge , American Red Cross, Gleaning for the World, etc. 
I could be too late as Halloween is just two days away; I'm going to try anyways. This Halloween, please dress as your favorite character from a film or television show filmed in North Carolina; in honor and remembrance of those still rebuilding after Hurricanes Michael and Florence along the Mid-Atlantic Coast. Post a picture of it with the hashtag #NCHalloween along with a link to #capefearlesschallenge or of how they can help. Share this challenge with your friends across social media. 
            (1) To bring a little light to everyone's life this week after so many tragedies in the last few months. (Who doesn't like remembering their favorite film or movie moment)
            (2) To help everyone remember that recovering after a hurricane devastates a community happens over months and years; not just the first few days and weeks.

            Your costume can be as complex or simple as you want. It could be a simple t-shirt with a particular film or TV quote. It could be a couple's costume from Dirty Dancing, Dawson's Creek, or The Notebook. Whatever it may be; just whichever is your favorite.

So please SHARE & on October 31st - make it a #NCHalloween

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