Monday, June 28, 2021

Laughing is okay

I remember these days: hanging out with friends, impromptu photo shoots, & laughing without any guilt or fear of what might come next. I do miss those days. But there is something to be said for having even small joyful moments in the midst of struggle and healing. 

I’m realizing this after #campchristmasinjuly last night. For an hour, I was able to focus on silly things, connect with new people, and laugh. They didn’t care that I can’t have s’mores with them and not everyone needed to know or care; and we all could laugh at the silly things that happen in life. 

  • For someone learning how to have a life while battling a chronic illness - that matters.

Most importantly I got to do all of this while helping kids who go unseen and undervalued. I’ve found that in helping others focusing in on supporting their healing, I wind up healing myself.

Why am I sharing this? 

  1. It’s a part of my healing right now. I struggle to find the pieces of me I feel I’ve lost in this battle with #gastroparesis & #ptsd . And I found some.
  2. #authenticityjourney 
  3. There’s always a way to be of service to someone. No, it doesn’t make my battles any less painful but it gives me clarity, gratitude for what I do have, and strength for the healing. Also it’s just how I’m wired. I’m a helper. Always have been. It’s nice to know I still can be. 
  4. It’s an explanation. Camp Christmas in July may be populating my stories for a bit. #sorrynotsorry because every kid deserves to feel loved, seen, valued, and equipped enough to handle what each day gives them. I’m passionate about children, education, and creating a better world for them. That’s a huge part of me, therefore my #authenticityjourney. 

Come join the fun - @christmasisnotcancelled

And remember it’s okay to smile even when you’re body what’s to dictate otherwise. I actually think it’s medically advantageous.