Saturday, October 13, 2018

Looking for the Silver Lining - Carolina Style

If you've been reading along in the blog or following my #authenticityjourney, these last few weeks have been incredibly difficult for me and my IBS has run amok of my life. However whenever I've needed a pick me up in the past; North Carolina always gave me one.

  • Watching my first romantic comedies (A Walk To Remember, Dirty Dancing, The Notebook, The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, etc.) with my sister whenever I was down or teenage angst or whenever the fear of losing our dad because of his cancer became too big. - My sister always protecting, loving me and creating a bond that has weathered so many storms. We are a team, have always been a team, will always be a team; no matter how many years are between or miles apart. 
  • Going to visit my Grandma in Durham, my Mimi in Winston-Salem, visit with cousins, aunts, uncles, and more at a family reunion in the mountains of NC or in Lexington, family beach trips to the Outer Banks - my roots always giving me strength. 
  • Hearing my parents and family tell me stories of the real Bull Durham, where Wake Forest got its start, and all of the family history - deepening my bond with both of the state's I grew up in.
  • Going to Meredith College in Raleigh, where I became apart of long, proud history of strong women surrounded by amazing people that encouraged me to learn and grow, in and out of the classroom. Formed incredibly tight bonds with sister/friends who laughed, cried, and pushed me to be all I could. And when my whole world came crashing down when my father died in my sophomore year that whole campus community surrounded me with so much support, encouragement, and light until I could once again see that light again myself. - So much love and laughter along with cherished memories. Bonds we share even miles apart and distracted by complicated lives. 
  • Going to the concerts or blasting out to music by Scotty McCreery, Anthony Hamilton, Britt Nicole, Kellie Pickler, Eric Church, and more, lots of artists, all genres as I drove down 40, 86, 29, and 440. 
As I've felt beat down these past couple weeks, I've tried to remember all that those memories, people, and moments that have gotten me this far. I'm so grateful for them, all of them and they continue to help and strengthen me. And then I'm reminded that there are still so many people suffering in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina because of Hurricanes Florence and Michael and the floods after the storms.

So this Halloween, I want to start a trend to help support those who are still rebuilding and shine a light on their strength. You can find other ways to support through this article; The Women of OTH have already started a great challenge through #capefearlesschallenge . Can we keep the momentum going? I'm asking.

Halloween is a time we celebrate with friends and family over pumpkin spice coffee and candy. What if we turned our much loved excuse to dress up as a way to help others to raise awareness? This Halloween, dress up as your favorite NC film, television show, or artist and share that picture on social media with the #OTHhalloween or #capefearlesschallenge. If someone asks about your costume choice, tell them why that's your favorite show or movie and how they can still help people rebuild. But do y'all agree, lets keep the ball rolling.

**I'll post some more ideas in a couple of days**
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