Wednesday, August 29, 2018

"Cause I Gave You All I Got to Give; I Know that Ain't No Way To Live" - Tuesday Tune

I've been feeling really emotional, worn down, and just tired of working so hard when the world seems to spin on with no regard as to how hard it is to find the hope, joy, and light in each day. But I found a respite this weekend; binge-watching Wynonna Earp. 

This show is an amazing mix of Old West themes with independence and journey of a woman looking for purpose, redemption, and a second chance and fighting a demon-bringing curse. It's also a greater look at what it means to be apart of a family, a town, a legacy, and a human. The complexities and war often with yourself to find yourself and your purpose while staying loyal to your family, fighting the expectations and labels of others, the mistakes of your past, and fate. Seem impossible; NOPE and its AWESOME.

The actors and creators of Wynonna Earp show up in every episode being funny, strong, inspiring, flawed, complicated, and real. While I really don't see myself even close to the bada** that Wynonna or Melanie Scrofano but I do see so much of my journey in hers, minus the Revenants.

What's even cooler about the show that in a world where hate and trolls seem to be more common than solidarity and kindness; this show's fandom is the nicest fandom in the world. They reach out to each other to give support during dark times, assistance during disasters, and other amazing acts of kindness for simple reasons. It's the right thing to do and they share a common bond: a favorite show, community, and story that seeks to bring out truth of life itself. It's complicated, messy, and at times feels like you're at war with ghosts and demons from your past but when you choose to do good, to fight for justice and the light in the world; YOU WILL TRIUMPH. When we come together as a tribe and a team, goodness and light TRIUMPH over evil.

Thank you #Earpers, Melanie Scrofano, Beau Smith, Emily Andras, and everyone in the Wynonna Earp community for reminding and inspiring me to:
"Keep Going. Keep Fighting." 

- As always Hope's Still Here :)  

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