Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May - Mental Health Awareness Month - Inspired by Pink

If I think about the person I want to be at the end of this mess, seriously can I please be like @pink . 

She’s a total badass, not just for her amazing voice, acrobatics, drive, and general state of being, because she looks at all of us in the eyes and talks about her struggles.

I’ve spent my entire life hiding everything that I truly felt  because I didn’t want to get hurt again or judged or deemed unworthy or the problem. @pink says you know what I have anxiety, this is how I handle it, this is life and goes out there and lives. 

Not only living her life but defending those who are fighting battles they never talk about and using her music to give us a voice when we don’t have the words. So honestly thank you from a girl who’s still figuring out her own #authenticityjourney . 

#endthestigma #longpost #gonnagorockout

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