Sunday, December 2, 2018

Strongest Mama In The World

My mama is the strongest woman on this Earth. Growing up, I used to describe as this kind of stone we would leap across during our mini-adventures on the Parkway. These stones weren’t always huge just big to put your front on but they never moved. The creeks flowed right around them. Family after family would jump amongst them but still they held firm. 

My mama has always been a helper, one of those people you look to when you’re scared. She worked her tail off as a nurse for over 35 years and that wasn’t just at the office; sometimes that would be at our church, our schools and activities, and a lot of times in our own home. *Hint: I’m a klutz and the child that never knew when to slow down.* 

She held our family together while my dad battled cancer over and over again. They did it as a team she would want me to tell you. That team worked through unimaginable things to keep our family intact and our lives still as normal and full as possible.

Still she keeps getting up. Getting so excited for the holidays. For family and her grandkids. Keeping me focused on all the good things and that things will work themselves out. Even  when the cold weather makes it hard on her, she keeps going.

And I’d better stop talking about her because she would say it’s no big deal. She’s a mom. This is what she’s here for. And that she doesn’t like any attention on herself. 

But just in case anyone was wondering: this girl is truly thankful, grateful, and blessed for my mama.

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