Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Interesting Start

So I’ve been reflecting lately on a quote by Wilder. 

My mama tells a story about how around October before I was born in July. She and my dad had been trying when she prayed to God that for a baby by the end of the month and then they would stop trying. It’s nice to know mama and God have such a connection and that God wanted me here.

Another interesting thing is how I arrived. I was born via C-Section in July. I was 9 pounds of screaming and red mess who was breathing too fast. Apparently it’s very common and treatable. One minor exception: I was the only 9 pound baby in the NICU and I apparently didn’t like all the wires they had in me. (I’ve seen the pictures) Also I finally started breathing normal once they let my mamma feed me. *Also, none of this post is medical advice, just a story.*

Tonight these facts have me thinking on two things. It’s kind of ironic I have IBS and how much what I eat and how much I eat still drives my life. And secondly I came into this world screaming for what I needed and felt only to grow up into an introvert who’s spent much of her life putting everyone’s needs and happiness above anything to do with me. Only now am I actually trying to find out who I am,what I need, and how to ask for it.

Curious how we grow and change and find links to our past and present.

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