Sunday, July 15, 2018

"Living List"

I met up with a friend this week and was so encouraged by our visit and her friendship. While the details of our stories are different, the feelings, how we survived, and the costs of that survival are very similar. I learned a new idea from her I wanted to share; she calls it her "living list". This list is different from a bucket list because each time she accomplishes something on it, she adds another. I've adopted the idea as well. I'm creating a list of things and experiences I never thought I could do or was appropriate for me to do or whatever silly reason I've given myself to not do something. (Now I'm not advocating anything illegal or hazardous to your health.) Ideas have been going zip-lining even if you have a fear of heights or hiking a mountain even if you never thought you could. So I went hiking up Sharp Top and got to see amazing views of the Blue Ridge Mountains; but more importantly I MADE IT TO THE TOP. I can do hard things, things that scare me, things that push me, I am capable, and I can be successful. I don't know exactly know when I let fear rule my life; I guess it snuck up on me. But I'm starting now: trying new things, things that scare me, and figuring what I like and don't like. And yes I feel stupid at times for not having these things figured out by now but each day is a new day and a fresh start; so I'm glad I'm starting now.

Great Coffee Date With Friend: ✓                                                                     "Living List" started: ✓ 

Great View of The Blue Ridge Mountains: ✔

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