Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Journeys, Legacies, and July 4th

On this July 4th, I am reminded that everyone is on a journey.

In the summer of 1776, Our founders had to make a lot of hard decisions in hopes that they were creating a better, more just society. The thing is I think they knew creating that idea and the country was a journey; they were only seeing the beginning of where it might lead. I believe they knew struggles and celebrations would occur; things would arise and be called a part of the USA that they never would have imagined. 

They also knew mistakes would be made, even some of their own doing, and that we would all as a country have to decide how repair the wounds of those mistakes while still moving our country forward toward greater changes that serve and bless everyone. Our founders trusted in the journey, in each other, in the future they would never see; not only trusted but heralded it with all its advantages and shortcomings. So my wish for myself the July 4th is to learn from their lives and our history and to be grateful for all the work, dedication, and faith they had in a future and people they would never see. I am a flower in the "garden they never got to see"; I strive to be grateful, inspired, and strengthened by the knowledge that they along with so many others have paid for me. 

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