Wednesday, July 3, 2019

This might be a thing

I caught myself focusing on the past a few days ago & I became so angry. Angry at how I’m doing this hard work of healing and the people or situations that hurt me just keep going on like nothing ever happened.

It reminded me a little of how after my dad died - I felt that the world had just ended and everyone else kept chugging along. 

In both situations, it’s like I’m searching for someone or something to validate or show some sort of awareness of the damage done and how different my life is. 

(I’m belting out “Cry” by @faithhill over and over again.) 

What if it’s nobody’s fault I have a different life now? 

What if no person or thing caused my scars? 

What if it was something more evil that can only be fixed by one thing, God? 

What if I have to let go of all the pain and fight & trust Him to do as He says? 

I have to let go and trust God ... Okay this might be a thing. 

#authenticityjourney #ptsdawareness #longpost #chooselove #letgoandletgod 

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