Friday, June 7, 2019

Only Got Space for Love Now, No More Being Angry At A Past

I was in middle school when things started getting tough for me & my family; my dad fought cancer off & on for 11 years; he died when I was 19; my mom got sick 3 years later & fights every day. 

We all survived. 

I survived & throughout the years I didn’t have many people who reached out to me to say “I’m here” “I’m sorry” or “this sucks”. 

So all I knew was what I figured out for myself & when I was willing to share with my family. 

I blame no one & I have no anger in my heart for anyone. 


I love my family. I have nothing but love for anybody or any place I traveled through. 

And for those that did reach out: thank you isn’t enough for all the comfort, love, & acceptance you have given me - oftentimes doing so in spite of my stubborn self.

I feel this quote in my bones & I had to remind myself of that today.

I survived

And now I’m taking the time I need to build a healthier stronger life.

I got nothing but love for people & I’m working on nothing but love for myself.

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