Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Why write a blog? Why risk putting my story and the struggles I went through out for all to see on the World Wide Web? Simple really: I kept getting "nudges" about this idea repeatedly. "Nudges" are little moments or occasions that kept reminding me about this idea and gave me an urge to do so. The "nudges" also were there when my anxiety would kick up and tell me not to do it or nothing good would come from it. I believe God gave me those "nudges" and continues to but I'm not here to get preachy. I do believe but if you see them as coincidences; that's fine too. Faith and my journey is a whole other thing. I didn't do this without talking to my family and they support me. My sister gave me the idea of using Blogger. When I talk about writing this blog or telling my story, my demeanor changes and excitement bubbles up. I changed careers last year and it was a really hard decision; so being excited about something again feels amazing. I've met people or been reintroduced to people who used to know me and as we talk facets of my story come up and I'm able to use it in a positive way. My story no longer weighed me down like an anchor. I was able to use it to help someone or rebuild my own sense of self. "Nudges" persistently even when my anxiety would scream at me not to do so. Don't be fooled being open like this terrifies me but maybe that's a good thing. What if everything happened for me to become the person I am today? What if the person I am today is supposed to share her story so someone else, younger or older, going through their own darkness knows that there is hope and light even if its in some small way. Have you experienced these kind of "nudges" leading down a place of light, love, strength, or success? How do you handle it? Did you embrace it, doubt it, or both?

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