Sunday, June 24, 2018

Beginning of the Conversation

I guess the proper start to the conversation is simple: Hi. Here is the cursory disclaimer: I'm nobody important just a girl (woman) in her late twenties who's been through a bit in her life. I'm hoping that in writing this blog my story will help anyone struggling with their own story. I want people to know they are not alone; I am not alone. Social media is wrong: no one has life all figured out and it isn't always rainbows and butterflies. I get worried when after a tragedy everyone gets all concerned about their fellow man (person) and making sure no feels alone. These tragic events are just that; horrible tragedies that the world watches from afar and the loved ones have to learn to survive through. But shouldn't we care about each other all of the time not just when something horrible happens. Isn't that a higher calling or quite possibly another topic all together? Also, people do feel alone, people feel broken, barely making in a world that demands from them to appear fine, put together, and sunshiny. I feel broken, barely holding it together sometimes and here's the game-changer: that is just fine, even normal. So here's the plan: risk being vulnerable and honest with all of you so that we can have the larger, more authentic conversation. Life can be unbearably hard but it can also be immeasurably great. The day to day can be happy, sad, hard, easy, or passing without much notice. But our days on this earth matter, we all matter, and having hope matters. I know that having hope in things getting better, in something more, or in more light coming through to me saved me quite a few times in my life. I'm here. I'm not alone anymore. I believe in hope. And I hope this journey helps all of us.

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