Sunday, January 15, 2023

Life, Love, & Loss Played Out on a Global Stage

I’m excited about this book for probably a different reason than most. Yes, the novelty of a constitutional monarchy played out on a global social media stage with real life princes are interesting in and of themselves. But I look at this cover and I see another AMFer. 

AMF is a support group I was a part of in college for students who had lost a loved one or an ailing loved one. All our stories were unique and often the only thing we had in common was the monster of grief we wanted nothing to do with but had to wrestle with everyday. We bonded over the underlying emotions as we processed loss and trauma so that the monster no longer drove our story but is now simply a part of it. 

Whenever I hear about or see someone out there who’s going through or who has gone through the grief process young - they become an AMFer in my mind. I immediately want to support them and also hear their story to learn how they handled the trauma. I’m further down the road and my dad’s death is a part of my story but every so often his chemo journey and loss rear their ugly heads in my life. 

So I search out these stories because I yearn to know how others survived and how I can continue in world when he couldn’t. I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I feel that my family’s loss and the loss of my dad was not played out on the world stage. Seriously huge amounts of gratitude for being able to rebuild my world in private. 

So I’m intrigued to read his story about the actual lives, loves, & loss of the biggest global stories in the past thirty years. I’m further interested in learning another survivor’s story and how they live with the scars. But I’m really grateful that another AMFer has the chance to share his story, his journey, and get his power back. 

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