Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Power Ups

Living with a chronic illness is hard. Knowing you have potentially more life-altering appointments coming soon scares me sh**less. Flaring something horrible after a weekend of so many joyful moments is crappy. Feeling like you’re feeling too much is just stupid. 

I could go on but I won’t. I will not let these conditions run completely over my life. 

Today has been hard and flaring sucks. But you know what helps - all those things my body and mind try to stop me from doing or healing from. 

Power Up #1: Learning the importance of exploring from the best guides I know. 🐢

Power Up #2: Calming, uplifting, feel-good movies to distract myself with (and drift off to). 📺

Power Up #3: Finding a new community filled with laughter and a shared connection to be of service through support & love to those who should never feel invisible but often are. Awesome Community + United Cause = 💞🎄🚸

Power Up #4: Listening to three bada** chicks revel in their past journeys, together & apart, without letting the evils of this world taint it. HBM + SB + JL = 🙌🏻🏆💓

Power Up #5: Still being able to cherish nature while flaring because of awesome people who share their true mountain wildlife moments. 🦋

Power Up #6: Remembering every second of joy I had this weekend. It’ll sustain me; wouldn’t change a darn thing. Finding healing in the wonder, peace, and goodness in those moments. 🌹

So to anyone’s who’s struggling: Remember the power up moments. And quite often you’ll find that the smallest moments provide the greatest power. 

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