Monday, January 7, 2019

This is getting old

Guess what I’m still waiting. 

Nobody has any answers or any clue what’s making me so sick. No clue what my after 15 years of IBS and GERD my symptoms have changed and worsened with no noticeable cause or antecedent. No lifestyle change, No extensive travel anywhere, and due to my mom’s condition I pay close attention to any germs flying about.

And yet nothing. Nada. 

Well not nothing. I am still intensely lightheaded, can’t keep anything in me, and I live with a heating pad on my gut and trashcan  by my bed. 

Upside at least I get to read more books and listen to more music and shows than ever before as I fall asleep.

Okay done whining. 

Good Day and Good Luck 

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